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Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are modern health care facilities that offer same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures. Learn about the high-quality care and savings that ASCs provide, and find a facility near you.


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ASC Experts Talk about the Value of COVID-19 Vigilance

ASCA’s new podcast episode “Staying Vigilant Through the Pandemic” looks at the ways strict adherence to pre-pandemic practices and new COVID-19 protocols is keeping patients and staff safe.

ASC Quality Collaboration Survey Shows ASCs Operated Safely during Pandemic

A new ASC Quality Collaboration survey shows ASCs performed outpatient surgery safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, with virtually no heightened risk of patients contracting the virus.

ASCs Reduce Medicare Costs by More than $4 Billion Each Year

New analysis of Medicare payment data shows ASCs now reduce Medicare costs by more than $4 billion each year and projects future annual savings to go to $12 billion and higher.

New Podcast Episode: CMS’ 2021 Proposed Payment Rule

ASCA CEO Bill Prentice and ASCA Regulatory Counsel and Director of Government Affairs Kara Newbury discuss Medicare’s 2021 proposed ASC payment rule.