ASC Quality Collaboration

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The ASC Quality Collaboration (ASC QC) is an independent, nonprofit organization established voluntarily in 2006 by the ASC community to promote quality and safety in ASCs. Bringing together leaders from the ASC industry, accreditation organizations and professional associations, the ASC QC is dedicated to advancing high-quality, patient-centered care in ASCs.

Numerous ASC quality measures developed by the ASC QC have been endorsed by the National Quality Forum and/or adopted into the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ ASC Quality Reporting Program (CMS’ ASCQR program). ASC QC efforts on measure development, maintenance and public reporting projects include:

  • collaboration with other health care quality measure developers on a variety of projects;
  • participation in CMS’ ASCQR proceedings such as the Measure Applications Partnership and the annual rulemaking process
  • production of quality measurement tools pertinent to ASC QC measures; and
  • providing infection control tool kits that cover topics such as hand hygiene, safe injection practices, single-use device reprocessing and more.

ASCA is proudly represented on the ASC QC Board of Directors and shares the organization’s commitment to advancing the highest standards of quality and safe patient care in ASCs nationwide.