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Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are modern health care facilities that offer same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures. Learn about the high-quality care and savings that ASCs provide, and find a facility near you.


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ASC Quality Collaboration Survey Shows ASCs Operated Safely during Pandemic

A new ASC Quality Collaboration survey shows ASCs performed outpatient surgery safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, with virtually no heightened risk of patients contracting the virus.

ASCs Reduce Medicare Costs by More than $4 Billion Each Year

New analysis of Medicare payment data shows ASCs now reduce Medicare costs by more than $4 billion each year and projects future annual savings to go to $12 billion and higher.

New Podcast Episode: CMS’ 2021 Proposed Payment Rule

ASCA CEO Bill Prentice and ASCA Regulatory Counsel and Director of Government Affairs Kara Newbury discuss Medicare’s 2021 proposed ASC payment rule.

ASC Quality Collaboration Targets Improved Reporting

ASC Quality Collaboration Executive Director Ann Shimek talks about the ways the organization is working to improve access to meaningful data about the quality of care ASCs and other outpatient surgery providers deliver.

New Podcast Episode: “The Risk of Delaying Certain Elective Procedures”

ASCA CEO Bill Prentice and gastroenterologist Tom Deas, MD, discuss some of the risks inherent in delaying nonemergent surgical procedures, including screening colonoscopies.