Peak One Surgery Center, Frisco, Colorado

The ASC hosts an annual charity day— Summit Community Surgery Day— and last year was its third year. “This past October, we performed 14 cases across a mix of different specialties, orthopedic cases, gynecology procedures and spine pain injections,” says Diane Lampron, RN, director of operations for Pinnacle III and administrator of Peak One. Pinnacle III manages the ASC.

“We ran two ORs and a procedure room,” Lampron says. “Each room had two ASC staff and an anesthetist, and we staffed our recovery room. In total, approximately 20 people volunteered this past year.”

The patients are chosen through the Community Care Clinic, next door to the ASC, Lampron says. “They select the patients for initial consideration. The surgeons then decide what surgery is appropriate for each individual,” she explains. “Final selection is based on the patients’ financial needs as well as the urgency at which the procedure has to be done. The ASC coordinates all the procedures and supplies the OR/procedure room, staff and materials necessary to successfully complete each case.”

Peter Janes, MD, president of the board of the ASC, came up with the idea of the Summit Community Surgery Day approximately four years ago. “He’s very active in the local community and participates in international relief efforts that provide charity care,” Lampron says. “He identified the need for free surgery, which presented an opportunity for Peak One to give back to the community. Dr. Janes has been with the ASC since its inception in 2005 and was one of the key people in getting the ASC open.”

The patients are extremely grateful after their surgery, Lampron says. “They are beaming at the end of the day. The employees are happy to be involved in the process and willingly volunteer their time to give back to the community. It is also rewarding for everyone involved.”